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Learn the strategies used to help thousands of busy business woman, just like yourself, so that they can and do all that they need to do in their business and lives.

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    “Michele brings a fresh breadth of authenticity and passion in how to live healthily!!”

    JoAnne Funch

    Business Consultant

    What you'll discover:

    • Signs of hormonal imbalance
    • Effects of fluctuating hormones
    • Natural ways to prevent hormone imbalance
    • Essential oils guide
    • Healthy recipes to boost hormonal imbalance
    • And more!

    about well women network

    Well Women Network was founded by Michele Broad, a Certified Nurse Practitioner, with the mission to inspire and show women how to create innovative solutions for personal enrichment, health, beauty, and prosperity.

    Michele holds two Nurse Practitioner Certificates with a Masters degree in Nursing. She has practiced medicine for the past 25 years and worked with thousands of women over her career.

    "I founded Well Women Network because I had a vision to build an online network where women could come and find genuine answers to the health concerns they face day to day. I believe that understanding your health is how you become your #1 self-care advocate and in today's changing healthcare landscape you have to be looking out for yourself more than ever. " ~ Michele Broad, NP-C